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Writing, Editing & Designing for Sciences

Are you looking for an outside view with a critical eye
to improve your scientific content
and better deliver your message?

Be coached by WEDs,
Your partner to deliver high-end work, increase your visibility
and boost your science.

You are

Researcher at University or in a Company: PhD student, Postdoc, Engineer, Professor, R&D manager, Startuper, head of lab in the field of exact sciences, engineering or biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences.

You want

To apply for research grants as FNRS, FRIA, ERC…, R&D grants or academic position, to publish in peer-reviewed journals, to prepare your presentation support and oral speech, to take part in fundraising, to make press release for funding agencies…

You need

To be supported in the scientific writing process to clearly expose your ideas and results by developing clear and flowing texts, to make the presentation visually appealing with meaningful charts and smart drawings, to have feedback on your work with relevant suggestions for improvement...

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Work with WEDs !

WEDs offers scientific researchers an individualised support in crafting grant proposals, publications and oral communications.

WEDs tackles the text but also puts emphasis on the graphic consistency and the visual impact of your text.


WEDs helps you to craft, compelling, and appealing scientific content reviewing meticulously your text, editing thoroughly with rewriting if necessary, improving structure and logical flows, and enhancing the visual impact with precise and smart drawnings.

Grant Proposals

Distinguish yourself from others

Relevant and meaningful suggestions together with an attractive layout are key assets to distinguish yourself from others and get your research funded!

Publications & Manuscripts

It's more than proofreading

Being a good researcher is not only about having great research ideas and producing astonishing results!
It matters how, how often, and where you communicate them.

Oral Communications

Make a good first impression

Having a nice presentation with high and comfortable readability, public oriented content and thoughtful drawings are key strengths to enthral your audience and arouse its curiosity.

General Scientific Content

Increase your visibility

Need a hand to make your technical content attractive for a website, a report, a press article, a leaflet, or any other written communication?
Let's talk!


Produce, analyse, publish, share, travel, teach, supervise, network… You’ve got a lot on your plate!
Here below are some reasons you could need a scientific writer!

  • Time saving
  • You can keep focusing on your core research
  • Outside view
  • You benefit from a critical scientific eye & constructive suggestions
  • High-end work
  • Your work is accurate, readable and consistent throughout the text
  • Visibility
  • You increase your visibility in your field
  • Regular support
  • You are not alone, I’ll keep you motivated
  • Unstressed & relax
  • I help you to manage the deadline

How do we work?

We start by evaluating together your exact need and how our collaboration can meet your demand. We elaborate a writing plan with milestones, and we work on a step by step basis with regular exchanges to evaluate the progresses and to discuss about the suggested changes, and finally to reach the goal before the deadline.

How I work chart
How I work chart

*This chart is not universal. It illustrates the general process of our collaboration. Every project is different and does not require the same needs.
Therefore, feel free to contact me to discuss your personal projects.

About me


I am Marjorie, a young woman passionate about sciences and sport. My driving force in these two fields is to help, support and coach others to achieve their objectives.

Holding a PhD in Physics, I worked for 7 years in academic research and for 2 years as an engineer in space industry. Throughout all these experiences, I learned how to master writing, to develop clear and flowing texts to expose research ideas and results and to make them visually appealing with meaningful charts and smart drawings.

With WEDs, I wish to put my experience at the service of others and personally coach them to better deliver and share their ideas and with this succeed in their scientific career.